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So, everything is working beautifully as far as access is concerned. Here are my questions:

 1. How do I perform registration after 2, while showing the user their
    DPSK in 3? This would hopefully get rid of 5 and simplify things for
    the users. From all of the combinations I've tested with portal
    profiles, I can either perform a login and register or perform a
    login and show the dpsk, not both as a chained event.

By using a DPSK provisionner, you should be able to remove steps 4 and 5

 2. How do I prevent people from reconnecting to the open ssid after
    they register? If they reconnect they're automatically provisioned
    to their role based vlan and never get the captive portal again. Is
    there a way to do a radius reject only when they connect to that
    ssid if they're registered or only allow them to get to the captive
    portal and no further?

You certainly need to play with VLAN filters: https://packetfence.org/doc/PacketFence_Installation_Guide.html#_vlan_filter_definition
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