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On 14/01/2020 14:12, Enrico Pasqualotto wrote:
What I mean is that guest close browser/popup BEFORE sponsor approve
it so he never use Internet connection. [..] I think if no guest is
on captive portal page when someone approve the request that session
was destroyed.
I'm not sure PF works like this in this situation.

Expected behavior should be:
1. Guest leave browser after sending approval
2. Sponsor approve guest request
3. Guest status switch from unreg to reg in PF DB
4. PF deauthenticate guest based on its current location
5. A new RADIUS request is sent by network device where guest is connected
6. Guest move to VLAN mapped to its role

I didn't check if it our current behavior. If you can, take a look at packetfence.log when you try to replicate your issue.
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