We're trying to create a VLAN filter to keep our devices perpetually registered 
by adding 3 months of time to the unregdate so devices that are used regularly 
remain registered and devices that aren't fall out of registration after 3 
months from the last use.

Looking at some threads I see that the following should work

scope = RegisteredRole
role = STAFF
action = modify_node
action_param = mac = $mac, unregdate = 3M

However I get the following error in the packetfence.log 
packetfence_httpd.webservices: httpd.webservices(28749) WARN: [mac:RETRACTED] 
invalid date 3M (pf::util::valid_date)

Is an access duration no longer supported? I've tried 1D, 1d, 3m, 3M and I 
still get the same error and the unreg date never gets set/updated. Is there 
something I'm missing or a better way to do this?


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