On 13/10/16 06:13, ivy.fos...@gmail.com wrote:
> From: Ivy Foster <ivy.fos...@gmail.com>
> These functions can return -1 on error, which is not included in the
> enumerated types they were declared to return.
> Signed-off-by: Ivy Foster <ivy.fos...@gmail.com>
> ---

be_local.c: In function ‘alpm_pkg_set_reason’:
be_local.c:1124:30: error: comparison between signed and unsigned
integer expressions [-Werror=sign-compare]
  if(alpm_pkg_get_reason(pkg) == reason) {

You can use --enable-warningflags to build with many of our current
warning flags enabled.

Why change the return to an int and not add an UNKNOWN value to the enum
(with value 0 or 1 << 30)?


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