Hello folks

While working on multiplexed download API I hit one issue that requires
some alpm API changes.

Current ALPM download api handles one file at a time. And interaction
between pacman and ALPM looks like:

 - pacman iterates over list of files to download
 - pacman calls alpm API to download one file
 - alpm initializes curl with progress callback implemented by pacman
 - during the download curl calls the pacman callback
 - once download is done alpm returns a result code of the download

In this single-download scenario pacman knows when the download starts,
progresses and finished.

With multiplexed download feature alpm_download() will change its API. It
will get a list of files as a parameter and handle downloads for all of
them with a single function call.

This unfortunately makes impossible to intercept "start file download" and
"complete file download" events. These events are needed because we want to
render UI correctly and print download information like "file up to date",
"failed to download"... at the exact moment when the event happens.

To mitigate this problem I propose to extend the callback API to make it
possible for ALPM to provide other types of download events.

The signature will change from:
 typedef void (*alpm_cb_download)(const char *filename, off_t xfered, off_t
that implies only download progress events, to:
 typedef void (*alpm_cb_download)(const char *filename,
alpm_download_event_type_t event, void *data);

where alpm_download_event_type_t is enum

typedef enum {
} alpm_download_event_type_t;

and *data is a pointer to event specific structure (different for each type
of event), e.g.:
typedef struct {
       int result; /* 1 - file is uptodate, 0 - download completed
successfully, -1 failed */
} alpm_download_event_completed_t;

Note this is an ALPM breaking API change. It means it can be done only with
major version bump.

What do you think about it?

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