Pambazuka News 863: People power and on-going struggles

17 May 2018.

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Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopia: Anatomy of an African enigmatic polity
Odomaro Mubangizi <>

This paper offers an aspirational and prescriptive analysis to the the
current political trajectory that Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the new prime minister of
Ethiopia, has embarked on, as a young, dynamic, forwarding looking, and
Pan-African, peace and security analyst. However, it is too early to tell
what his political and economic performance will be in the years to come,
as Ethiopia remains an enigmatic polity that defies clear-cut
categorisation and conceptualisation.

A new land occupation in Germiston
Sigenu and Siyambusa Mpolase

On 11 May 2018, more than two hundred people occupied unused land in
Germiston, on the East Rand in Gauteng, South Africa. We laid out our
design for the occupation in the afternoon, built throughout the night and
slept on the occupied land. Around 350 stands have been marked out via a
democratic and carefully planned process. The new occupation has been named
the Zikode Extension in honour of S’bu Zikode.

We are the lions, Mr. Manager
Yash Tandon <>

In March 2018, *Awaaz *carried an article by Ramnik Shah titled “Jayaben
Desai: A Legend”. I don’t know how many people in East Africa and beyond
read this excellent homage to Jayaben.  I take the occasion of the
celebration of the May Day this year to write a small piece to remember the
struggle of the migrant workers – mostly Asian women from East Africa – in
a small factory in England, a struggle that eventually encompassed the
whole country. I try, also, to learn from that experience to reflect on the
situation with the struggle of the working classes in East Africa today.

Burundians kept in the dark ahead of controversial referendum
David Kode <>

Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza has intensified his brutal campaign
to stay in power by stifling international news reporting of his
government’s repressive actions, events ahead of his controversial
referendum to extend presidential term limits.

Delayed minimum wage lets down South Africa’s working poor
Aisha Bahadur <>

An insightful analysis on the current debates in South Africa to have a
national minimum wage and its implication to the wider working class.

Sierra Leone: Where the victim is re-victimised
Equality Now <>

Five human rights organisations working on advancing the rights of women
and girls in Sierra Leone, are urgently calling on the leadership of Sierra
Leone, and all political actors to take immediate action to address the
increase in incidents of sexual and gender based violence across the West
African country.

Farewell June Milne: A tribute
Ama Biney <>

Kwame Nkrumah’s loyal and long-standing literary executive, June Milne
passed away on 9 May 2018 at the age of 98. Of Australian origin, June was
a staunch Pan-Africanist and committed to Nkrumah and ensuring his prolific
writings were published. As Nkrumah grew ill in Guinea-Conakry where he
lived following the coup of 24 February 1966 that ousted him from power, he
wrote his will entrusting June Milne with the publication of all his
writings. She took up this task with utmost quiet and steely diligence for
almost 50 years.

French colonies in Africa
Yves Engler <>

Fake news, propaganda, public relations, advertising — it goes by many
names, but at the core of all these terms, is the idea that powerful
institutions, primarily governments and corporations, strive to manipulate
our understanding of world affairs. The most effective such shaping of
opinion is invisible and therefore unquestioned.

Cassinga: Apartheid’s forgotten massacre
Andres D. Medellin <>

Friday 4 May 2018 was not just another normal day in Namibia and Angola.
Upon invitation by Namibian President Hage Geingob, the President of
Angola, João Lourenço paid a state visit to Namibia to participate in the
commemorations of the Cassinga Massacre. The two heads of state
later announced plans to build two historical monuments to honour those who
lost their lives during the massacre.

How my book united the Left and Right-wing media
*Mainstream and alternative media unite to shut the truth up*
Julian Samboma <>

I never thought that getting my new book reviewed would prove as hard as it
has turned out to be.  Don’t get me wrong; I was not expecting the ranks of
the corporate media to descend *en masse chez moi*, begging for review
copies and interviews with yours truly.

Will all non-Blacks evacuate sub-Saharan Africa?
*So that Blacks do not have to irritate whites with their presence in
Europe and America?*
Olurotimi Osha <>

Most regular folks of Western nations are ignorant of the true state of
Africa, and the role their respective countries play in the du jour
underdevelopment of Africa, which forces African migrants to risk their
lives to make it to the West, only to generate increasing acrimony among
their hosts.

Drop the mic on Kanye West
Gerard Boyce <>

Social media has been abuzz of late with responses to comments that rapper
Kanye West made during a radio interview in which he opined that slavery
was a “choice” for slaves. The vast majority of social media users, who
weighed in on this topic, including a host of celebrities, came out
strongly against West and either sought to dismiss these comments by
attributing them to his allegedly unbalanced mental state or to educate him
on how horrible the system of slavery was. Ergo, it was not a choice.

The educator must be educated
Madunagu <>

This piece is a memo to the Nigerian Left. In an ideal situation, on
account of the importance I attach to the subject, the document would have
appeared, first, as an internal memo to an appropriate organ of the
movement. For the same reason of importance, it would not have stopped at
the organ or leadership level. The memo would have passed to the movement
as a whole and, thereafter, to the public.

EAC and EU: Economic Partnership Agreement
Jack Juma Obiero and Zamzam Idris

The authors argue that the on-going negotiations around the Economic
Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the East African Community (EAC) and
the European Union (EU) should solely focus on: 1) economic benefits for
EAC member states and 2) sustainability of the region’s commitment to the
agreement’s provisions.

Justice for Noura
<> Equality Now

19-year-old Noura Hussein was sentenced to death on 10 Thursday by a court
in Sudan. The court found her guilty of murder after she killed her
“husband” in self-defence. She had been forced to marry him by her father
and when she refused to consummate the marriage, the man came with a group
of relatives who held her down while he violently raped her. He returned
the next day to rape Noura again and in the struggle he was fatally stabbed.
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