hiker posted on Thu, 15 Sep 2016 07:47:53 +0000 as excerpted:

> BTW I compiled 0.140 on my netbook but I see your are using 0.141. Big
> and important differences between these versions? So you suggest to
> compile 0.141 over here?

AFAIK, and from the list on pan's homepage (pan.rebelbase.com), 0.140 is 
the last actual /release/, with the unreleased 0.141 denoting a live-git 
or git-snapshot build.  Of course the git commit hash is noted in the 
headers as well, so you can compare what people are running to what you 
last pulled and built, if desired.

Checking the git log since 0.140 release, there have been a few bug fixes 
including several memory leak fixes, some removals of deprecated calls, 
and the usual set of l10n (localization, l-10-letters-n) updates.  
Nothing too major if what you have is working well, but fixing memory 
leaks is always nice, so if you want to try building from git you do have 
that, but it'll wait if you prefer to wait for an actual release.

Note that raw repo code may need a couple extra prep steps before 
configure and make, that a shipped tarball has typically already taken 
care of for you.  autoreconf --force is the typical one for autotools 
based build systems like pan's.

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