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> hiker posted on Sat, 17 Sep 2016 10:42:18 +0000 as excerpted:
>> Hi
>> An other question: Pan seems not to take the timezone information from
>> the OS or machine. The message header contains time UTC.
>> Any place to change this?
> I'm not aware of any.
> You will note that my headers also contain the posting date in UTC.
> However, at least here, pan does the conversion to local time for
> display in the overview/header pane, while continuing to display the
> literal header time (thus UTC for pan's posts) in the body pane.
> I seem to vaguely recall something about that as an option (probably MAY
> level, possibly SHOULD, but not MUST) discussed in the RFCs, but don't
> remember anything at all about the details, and it's not enough of a
> worry to me to justify spending the time to try to look it up, so unless
> someone else either does the research or already knows and can post a
> nicely clickable link... or at least a reference to the specific RFC...

IIRC the default is to always post with UTC, possibly with a modifier 
showing +/- hours for local time.  Usenet is international so "local" 
time means nothing to people in other time zones.  AFAICT, Pan shows the 
posting time as UTC hh:mm:ss +hhmm by default.  I've never looked to see 
it can be changed.  This post should show as something like UTC 21:45:00 
+0100 since we are still currently one hour ahead of UTC/GMT in the UK 
for summertime or daylight savings time as US people might say.

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