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> Recently, pan stopped deleting binary article parts after creating the
> file. I have been through all the menus and help files and cannot find
> the setting. How to I get pan to clean up after itself?

Are you talking in the cache, or the scratch space when saving, or... ?

If it's the cache (which it might be as pan used to delete cached 
articles when done with them, at expiry, and presumably after it saved 
the binaries too, tho I don't normally do enough binaries to be sure on 
that, now it waits until it's bumping the size limits to delete), check 
your cache size setting.

The old default cache size was 10 MB, small enough that binaries cleared 
out pretty fast.  I've deliberately set a multi-gig cache for years and 
don't know if the default has changed or not, but certainly, if you have 
a larger cache (as I do deliberately), the change to keeping the cache 
around and only deleting the group index data for expired/deleted 
messages does change the behavior, such that now the cache size setting 
is the only automated cleanup, and if your cache size is multi-gig, it 
makes a big difference.

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