Yes, it is the external libraries and toolchain that you need to link
against - most of them need to be specially installed alongside their
64-bit counterparts. PAN has a lot of external dependencies :)

This is why I would (personally) install a separate Mingw32 environment so
there can be no accidental complications or crossover between the two.

Even once you've solved that issue, some of the Mingw toolchain is a bit
different to Linux, or simply has things missing because Windows cannot do
it, and so does not support some of the assumptions made by PAN and there
are a few little "hacks" necessary to make PAN build and run. I've
collected these hacks over time and probably don't remember half of them,
so I would have to start from the beginning again for 32-bit.

On 9 April 2018 at 17:33, Zan Lynx <> wrote:

> On 04/09/2018 10:17 AM, Zan Lynx wrote:
> > For GCC based compilers like Mingw, can't you just add the -m32
> > command-line option in order to build a 32-bit image?
> Ah so it is a little more complicated than I thought.
> compile-and-link-a-32-bit-windows-executable-using-mingw-w64
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