I'm looking to build a replica of the Star Trek Next Generation type 3 phaser 
rifle (the boxy-looking one) and some Googling told me there's a nice set of 
patterns available at the BBC.


  I went through the registration process so I could access the plans (also, it 
has some other fun stuff). The last step says they will email me a link to a 
page you go to in order to complete registration, but they never sent me that 

  The site doesn't seem to have any contact info to ask what happened- does 
anyone here participate and know how, or can point me to the page I missed?

  Is the site actually still active?

  I know there's a paper model and I have that one, but the BBC pattern is 
allegedly taken from a screen-used prop and is slightly different from the 
paper model.

  The paper model pattern I have is the Perry's Paper one- I think I got it 
from Papermau.

  I'm not dissing Perry- I just want to be as close to the real thing as I can.

  Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  Mark L. Fergerson

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