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> 1) Assuming "export scene" is the preferred way to output images, how do I
> get anti-aliasing of the produced image? I see no option for it. Failing
> that -- if I choose to not rasterize the image, I'm losing some color
> information whereas the save screenshot function correctly outputs the
> color (see attached figures).

The raster-format exports tend to just grab the image directly from the
OpenGL framebuffer, but unfortunately anti-aliased rendering is not
currently enabled in ParaView as it interferes with some of the other
rendering passes. There is some work-in-progress on adding DPI options to
paraview exports that will help with this issue in a future release.

I'm not sure what's going on with the color in the vector export. The GL2PS
library used to generate the vector graphics files is somewhat fickle with
some coloring methods, you may be able to play with the rendering settings
to get that to come out right. I know that, for instance, the "Interpolate
Colors Before Mapping" option will often cause issues.

Right now your best bet for getting an anti-aliased export from ParaView is
to emulate SSAA by making a screenshot with a custom resolution. By setting
the resolution in File > Save Screenshot to a larger resolution than your
desired image size and then shrinking the image externally you should get a
smoother result.

> 2) In the color legend font properties, only Arial, Courier, and Times are
> available. Is there a way to use some other font from my system?

This is currently not possible in ParaView. There is support for custom
fonts in VTK (the library that drives ParaView's rendering), but it has not
been exposed in ParaView.

Hope this helps,
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