Hi paraview users,

I hope this is a simple question. I'm trying to visualize a 3D vector
field, and wonder what is the format of the data. I have a .nrrd file with
header like:

dimension: 4
space: left-posterior-superior
sizes: 3 256 256 130

paraview seems not load the data correctly, because it only show a single
slice no matter what 'representation' I choose.

Then I use unu tool (for nrrd file) to permute the dimension order and now
the size is: [256 256 130 3]. I loaded the data into paraview and can see
3D cube.  I guess I can use arrow glyph to visualize the vector at each
voxel? But I couldn't make it work. The arrow always point to same

I may need to read the document more carefully, but is there an simple
instruction for vector image visualization (3D volume image where each
voxel is a vector)?

Thank your for your help .
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