I am now working on a project which needs the use of JOIN function in xdmf to 
concatenate the data from multiple h5 files and visualize those files in 
Paraview. I have created a small trial to test this JOIN function. I create two 
h5 files, each of which contains two points of a unit square. For each point, I 
assign a value to it as its attribute. Then I write one xdmf file, which uses 
function JOIN to concatenate the dataset from two h5 files. But when I load my 
xdmf file into Paraview, Paraview just crashes directly.  This is the xdmf file 
I have written:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Xdmf xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"; Version="2.97">
    <Grid Name="Grid">
      <Geometry Type="XY">
        <DataItem ItemType="Function" Function="JOIN($0 ; $1)">
          <DataItem DataType="Float" Dimensions="2 2" Format="HDF" 
          <DataItem DataType="Float" Dimensions="2 2" Format="HDF" 
      <Topology TopologyType="2DSMesh" NumberOfElements="4 2"/> 
      <Attribute Center="Node" Name="Attributes" Type="None">
        <DataItem ItemType="Function" Function="JOIN($0 ; $1)">   
          <DataItem DataType="Float" Dimensions="2" Format="HDF" 
          <DataItem DataType="Float" Dimensions="2" Format="HDF" 

To avoid the problem of h5 file itself, I have also written two separate xdmf 
files for each h5 file and load each xdmf file separately into Paraview. I can 
successfully load these two h5 files separately into Paraview, so the problem 
might no be my h5 files. Can anyone help me with this problem? Are there any 
mistakes of my ways of using JOIN function in xdmf? 

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