Hi, I have been working with eigenstates of the wave equation and I would
like to make
videos of a time evolution. I have vectors of the form u(x,y) and I want to
simply compute:

Y(x,y,t) = u(x,y)*cos(t), for various values of t. (or any other function
of t)

The naĩve way of doing this (which is very expensive) is to compute
Y1(x,y,t1), Y2(x,y,t2), ... Yn(x,y,tn) and add them into the final .vtk
file by adding the time in the vector label.

The vector u(x,y) is around 5 Mb, then by adding 100 time steps it becomes
a very big file!

I guess that it should be possible to do the same in a clever way by using
u(x,y) and passing the operation u(x,y)*cos(t) to paraview in order to
obtain the evolution/movie, but I have not been able to see how to do this
in the manual or email list.

Any thoughts? ... I would like this idea to work in both, the desktop and
web-based versions of paraview.

Kind regards,

Juan Carlos Araújo-Cabarcas.
Doktorand, Umeå Universitet

 "None of us is as clever as all of us" ... Japanese proverb
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