Hello everybody,

I'm relatively new to ParaView and I got a -probably simple- question:

I have a 3D-object including a scalar and a vector for velocity. I was already 
able to plot streamlines through a 2D-inlet (instead just seeding over a line).

But I only want to "see" the streamlines in the voxels where the scalar is 
larger than 0 (this scalar can take values between 0 and 1).
I tried to use "Extract cells by region" but then streamlines which go farer 
then my specified area disappear. I do not want to let them disappear, I want 
them to be cut off as soon as they reach a voxel with scalar==0.

I hope this is possible, cause now ParaView plots streamlines where there is 
actually no flow.

Thanks for help everbody  
(Btw I'm new here, thus, I hope I fullfiled all rules with this post) 
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