We are trying to run ParaView on our tiled display wall. We have a head
node where the data is hosted, then three client machines that output to
the display wall. Currently, we have ParaView on each of the 4 machines. I
start a pvserver on each of the client machines, with -tdx and -tdy
parameters. I then run a ParaView client on the head machine. Once ParaView
is running on the head machine, I can connect to one of the other three
machines at a time. When I connect to one of the machines, ParaView runs
full screen on the section of the display wall driven by that machine.
However, I am not sure how to make it connect to all three machines at once
to run fullscreen on the tiled display wall. Do I need to configure the
client machines with MPI turned on? Or is there a way I can specify a
configuration file for the ParaView client running on the head node to use
all three machines driving the wall? Thanks in advance.

Vince Perry
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