I did figure out how to load the texture.  But, now I’m just seeing a solid 
color on the plane.  This is because the region is fairly flat, at a higher 
elevation, and the tiff contains elevation data anyway.  
So, this doesn’t do the job.  I can’t seem to select Warp by Scalar from the 
texture map.  
Any other suggestions?

-- Adam

On 10/18/16, 5:00 AM, "postgu...@web.de" <postgu...@web.de> wrote:

>Hi Adam
>I usually make a vtp File with just a frame from the image coordinates. Then I
>can load the image as texture to the plane.
>> Adam Dershowitz <adershow...@exponent.com> hat am 17. Oktober 2016 um 17:11
>> geschrieben:
>> I have a geotiff that I would like to view in preview.  I’m able to open it,
>> and view it, but the problem is that the scale and origin are not correct.  
>> It
>> seems that preview is just opening it as a TIFF and is ignoring the origin,
>> corners and pixel size in the geotiff.  The problem is that I want to overlay
>> some other polygons that are in a known location, so this placement is
>> important (and off by hundreds of thousands of meters.)
>> Can paraview open a geotiff?  If not, is there an easy way to just offset and
>> scale data in Paraview?  It seems like it can be done by manually adding a
>> Transform filter and then forcing it to scale and translate as necessary.
>>  Although getting it all lined up is not trivial.
>> Thanks,
>> -- Adam
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