´╗┐Good day,

I am currently developping a bunch of plugins (filters) for Paraview in the 
following setup:

I have input data as a rectilinear grid, including an array of scalar values 
per cell (volume-of-fluid data (vof)). On this data I now want to perform some 
calculations. First, a plugin calculates the gradient. Then, another plugin 
takes the grid with the vof-data and the gradients to calculate other vectors. 
This goes on for a few plugins.

The problem I get is that every time another filter is applied onto the last 
one, I copy all the data and add another array with the filter's own results. 
Thus, the second filter stores its own calculation and the source data, the 
third filter stores its own calculation, the calculation of the previous plugin 
and the source data.

You can see, that this results in a huge increase of memory usage.

Now to my question: Is there a possibility or method which passes along a 
pointer, or a copy pointing to the input of the plugin to which I then only 
need to add another array? Additionally I might add that the grid itself always 
stays the same, only each filter appends another array.

I hope you can help me, or at least quickly tell me if it is not possible at 

Kind regards,
Alexander Straub

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