Documentation for vtu file format (and several other standard VTK formats) is 


From: ParaView [] On Behalf Of Andi Hartarto
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 7:54 PM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Paraview] Decode a vtu file

Hello all,

Can I please have guidance/help in decoding a vtu file?

My file is a
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<VTKFile type="UnstructuredGrid" version="0.1" byte_order="LittleEndian" 
    <Piece NumberOfPoints="116"                  NumberOfCells="1052"           
        <DataArray type="Int32" Name="TetrahedraRank" format="appended" 
RangeMin="1"                    RangeMax="2"                    offset="0"      
        <DataArray type="Int32" Name="TetrahedraNo" format="appended" 
RangeMin="0"                    RangeMax="262"                  offset="188"    
        <DataArray type="Float32" Name="Points" NumberOfComponents="3" 
format="appended" RangeMin="2003013.3465"         RangeMax="2003224.1668"       
  offset="812"                 />
        <DataArray type="Int64" Name="connectivity" format="appended" 
RangeMin=""                     RangeMax=""                     offset="1680"   
        <DataArray type="Int64" Name="offsets" format="appended" RangeMin=""    
                 RangeMax=""                     offset="5892"                />
        <DataArray type="UInt8" Name="types" format="appended" RangeMin=""      
               RangeMax=""                     offset="8116"                />
  <AppendedData encoding="base64">
  (data long list)

The file can be found in this link:

I don't understand how to decode a vtk file and couldn't find anything in 
google. I've tried using some scripts in python for base64 but it didn't work..

The reason why I need to decode this is because somehow this vtk file which 
load in paraview perfectly becomes a 2d file in another software "MOOSE" .. So 
I think somehow in the encoded data is telling the other software "only display 
the 2D intersection of blocks". But I want a 3D cube not a 2D surface. If 
someone knows about this please tell me .

Thank you,
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