Hi Paraviewers,

I have a simple question regarding the screenshot saving feature within 

I wrote a python script that I run with pvbatch which basically :

1) Load a polydata

2) Create a render view

3) Set up the camera (position, focal point, view angle)

4) Take a screenshot with SaveScreenshot(file_name, renderView1, quality=100, 

There is a correlation between the magnification and the allowed View Angle 
values, but I can't figure out what it is.

The scale changes a lot between 150 deg and 170 deg of View Angle if the 
magnification =1.
When magnification is superior to 1 (ex. 2), the scales doesn't change much 
between 150 and 170 deg of View Angle. Why ?

What did I miss to understand the relation between these two parameters ?

Gregory Zaccaro
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