I am using the collaboration module in pvpython to connect 30 clients to 

However, when a certain number of clients are connected (13 or 14), the system 
crashes and it is not able to accept more clients. I receive the following 
error in the server side:

vtkPVAlgorithmPortsInformation: Could not downcast vtkAlgorithm.


The setup that I would like to achieve is:

-          PVServer - running in parallel (with MPI)

-          ParaView GUI - establishes a connection and load the model/ create a 

-          30 pvpython clients connected to the server in the collaboration 
mode (sharing the same session of ParaView GUI) but each with different camera 


I tried to control the time of establishing the connection of each client, then 
I was able to increase the number of connected clients to 20 (max). 


Could anyone provide any tips or guidance? Or is this technically not doable? 


Today, I came across this article: 

Could that be a possible contribution to the issue of launching multiple 
pvpython scripts?


Let me know if you require any further details.




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