As we start down the road to parallel visualization, our first baby steps are 
to try remote visualization.

In Redhat, I ssh onto a node with ~30 gigs of memory available (free -m)   I 
start pvserver.
Back on my machine I launch paraview541 and connect to the server.  The Memory 
Inspector shows 2.1 GB of total system ram on the server.
If I try to load a model of any size, the server bombs on a segmentation error 

If I log onto the remote node with 30 GB free memory, I can only run standalone 
paraview if I use the -mesa-llvm command line.   When I do this,  Memory 
Inspector in standalone Paraview says there is only 2.1 GB of total system 

Am I missing something - I don't see  how this is ever going to work if neither 
a remote paraview or a remote pvserver can see and/or access the available free 
memory on the remote machine.

Thanks for any hints

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