Any good advice for installing additional 3rd party modules for pvpython?  In a 
Programmable Source I’d written to read in MATLAB (.mat) data files, I was 
using the scipy module ( When I wrote that, I naively thought 
to myself - WOW, it sure was convenient that they included scipy as a 3rd party 
pkg in pvpython! Turns out, I was of course picking it up from another Python 
2.7 distro. I only discovered this while testing on another OS (without any 

So, have others found themselves in a similar situation? I realize the hurdle 
depends on the module itself and, in this case, scipy is not trivial. Right 
now, I’m thinking maybe requesting that users install Miniconda 2.7 and grow 
from there, which presumably pvpython could use. Thoughts?

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