I am currently converting our FEA code to write out a format that Paraview
can read natively. I chose XDMF because it seems like a fairly flexible
format. I have a question with regards to topology/geometry.

I need to split up my FEA mesh according to the part the elements belong to
and would like to keep XYZ (geometry) array shared between all the parts as
they're just coordinate data and just have the connectivity point to the
appropriate node. I have done this, but the problem is that Paraview seems
to load the entire geometry array instead of just the nodes that belong to
the part according to the connectivity. Is there a way to fix this behavior
or am I stuck also creating a separate geometry data set for each part?

Thank you!


Andrey V. Andreyev
CORVID Technologies
145 Overhill Dr
Mooresville, NC 28117
704-799-6944 x172
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