I am looking to calculate a mesh quality measure that would be the ratio of the 
max/min of the element volumes of each element and all it's neighbors (other 
elements with common nodes).  I intend to use this to quantify grid refinement 
transitions and perhaps establish some design standards for them.    I have 
tried Gradient of Element Volume, but I need to eliminate the distance part of 
that to get the number that I want.    So, if I have a hex element in a regular 
grid,  I would expect to have 26 "neighbor" elements plus the original element. 
   The number I want is  (max of 27 element volumes)/(min of 27 element 
volumes).    This quantity will highlight mesh refinement transitions.

My question (at last) is:    how do I find all the neighbor elements (share at 
least 1 node) of each element in my model?   I'd like to do this in a 
Programmable Filter.  I'm afraid I don't know much about how connectivity is 
implemented in vtk.

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