Hello All,

I'm currently using the Contour filter on a 2D slice. This contour gives me a series of closed loops at arbitrary locations of my plot. Does Paraview/VTK already expose a way to group the points associated with each of these closed loops?

If not, I have two possible strategies to detect these points:

1. I think the contour filter outputs the points of each closed loops in sequential order in the point array. I could compare the geometric distance between two sequential points in the array and detect a "large jump" followed by a "large decrease" to detect the transition from one loop to the next.

2. I could employ some sort of cluster finding algorithm, although I'm not sure which one as I do not know how many of these loops are and likely need something that optimizes for boundaries as opposed to centroids.

Are these ideas sane if PV doesn't already expose some functionalities that I do not know about?

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