I have a dataset on a 2D domain. I mean to get an XY plot of data along a
line which contains a number of element edges. I would typically do this
with PlotOverLine.

Now I want to obtain a similar plot, but with my data points located only
at the actual locations of nodes in my mesh. In this way, my XY plot (and
its underlying data) would be directly representative of the mesh
resolution in my original data.

*How can this be done programmatically, 1) from the UI as a macro, 2) from
the UI at the python shell, 3) at the CLI (pvpython myscript.py)?*

I couldn't even find how to do this via GUI. I started by *Select Points On*,
but I couldn't go any further. Moreover, if this is the right way to start,
I wouldn't be able to transfer it to python code, since *Start Trace* does
not include *Select Points On* in the output trace, so I wouldn't know how
to add it to code.
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