If you are interested in learning how to use ParaView for post processing, I 
recommend starting with the ParaView Tutorial 
(https://www.paraview.org/Wiki/The_ParaView_Tutorial). The tutorial does not 
talk about SU2 specifically, but it teaches basic techniques for visualization, 
including from CFD simulations.

SU2 can write out .vtk files, which ParaView can read. After learning the 
basics and you have more specific questions, we can help you with that.


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Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 8:50 AM
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Paraview] Hello


I am using paraview as a post processing in windows not for a long time and I 
am working on laminar flat plate tutorial based on SU2. I would like to plot 
Blasius solution, similarity variable in function of velocity u/Ue. Any help.

Thank you
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