I am visualizing disks perpendicular to streamlines by performing the
following steps, which works.
    1) Create a Plane
    2) Create a Stream Tracer with Custom Source using the plane
    3) With the stream tracer selected in the pipeline browser, add the
glyph filter
    4) In the Glyph Type combo box, select “2D Glyph”.
    5) Select “Circle” in the second Glyph Type combo box
    6) Click on Filled checkbox.
    5) Under Active Attributes, make sure the Vectors property is set to
the vector field I used to create the streamlines.
    6) Set the Glyph Transform Rotate property to 0, 90, 0.

On each streamline, many disks are rendered.

However, if, in Glyph Properties > Active Attributes > Scalars, I select
SeedIds, I see just one disk per streamline. Would it be possible to have
many disks per streamline colored by SeedIds?

My final goal is to illustrate at the outlet face of my model the starting
position the streamlines that cross it. To do I am trying to render disks
colored by SeedIds near the inlet and outlet faces, so that pair of disks
of a same color represents two points connected by a streamline. Any other
idea that provides a similar visual result is also welcome.

Best regards,
Thomas Oliveira
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