Hi All:

I had a pretty bad time trying to put together the bones of a ParaViewWeb
client and server, so have taken a few crusts of bread and gone back to try
to leave a trail of crumbs that others can follow.

Please find a working simple example at:


It doesn't do much, but it works over here, and has some instructions that
I hope will be of service to the next person trying to follow this trail.

For the experts out there: it would be great if you wanted to look this
over and tell me what could be improved to make it a better illustration of
best practices. Even better if you want to make such suggestions in the
form of pull requests.

For example I can't seem to make all the warnings go away for the npm
install, and I'm not sure whether the RPC protocol only transmits strings
or whether type conversions can happen on the client side. Nor am I sure
that the pvwclient is made available in the smoothest possible way, and so
on. Your contributions are welcome.

Thank you,

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