Well, this list solved my problem so easily (and made me feel slightly less 
than the sharpest pencil in the box) yesterday, so I thought I'd try again.

I am doing some Python calcs inside a programmable filter and some of the 
results I want to average from the Points onto the Cells.   But,  I don't want 
all my PointData moved over to CellData - I want to transfer some of them over 
within my Filter.

Right now I'm looping thru all the elements and finding all their nodes, then 
averaging them and assigning to the cells.  It is dog slow and is choking off 
the usefulness of this filter.

Is there anything like vtkPointDataToCellData that lets me specify which 
quantities to convert - could I do something tricky like store original list of 
PointData, make up a new list, then run PointDataToCellData, then restore the 
list of PointData ??

I realize this may have all sorts of unexpected side effects, so I'm just 

Thanks again, this group is great!

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