I have not seen the windows 5.5 no ssh problem yet so I can't comment.

Other replies:

 Specifically I tried both the ParaView
> downloads with and without MPI, but neither solved the problem. Btw,
> what's the difference between those two? I see only one option for Linux
> (with MPI).
For linux and mac we can bundle MPI. For windows it is easier to depend
upon the user to install microsoft's mpi (it is free and works well).
However the mpi-enabled version relies on the availability of microsoft
MPI, this we also publish an MPI free version.

> Also a side question: On the client, ParaView doesn't keep multiple
> servers.pvsc files for each version of `paraview` installed on the
> client (in %APPDATA%\Roaming\ParaView\), although it does keep separate
> .ini files.  Is this expected?

hope that helps. Hopefully others can continue on the track of the ssh
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