Dear ParaView List-
> A transient dataset is read into ParaView and visualized in RenderView. A csv 
> file is also read in and is plotted as a line chart in LineChartView. The csv 
> file has to columns, time and a scalar. The views are side-by-side. The line 
> chart horizontal axis covers the same time as the rendered-transient dataset. 
> Does anyone know if there is a way to display a transient marker on the line 
> chart so that it is easy to see the current time on the line chart? It would 
> then be easy to relate the RenderView and LineChartView views. If this is not 
> possible with a csv file, do you know if another file format would provide 
> this capability? The csv scalar was generated outside of ParaView. 
> -thanks, Randy
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