> > Quoting Thorsten Wißmann (2016-09-30 11:33:33)
> > > Other command line utilities like git or hledger[2] provide those
> > > custom subcommands, and I'd love to see it in pass as well. I've
> > > implemented that in the attached git formatted patch, but did not know
> > > whether/where/how to add an description for that in the man page.

I came up with another little hack that people can use if they want to
have custom subcommands for pass and don't like wrappers.  You can write
a script as a custom subcommand for git and use it via `pass git ...`!

$ printf '#!%s\necho bar' "$SHELL" > ~/bin/git-foo
$ chmod +x ~/bin/git-foo
$ pass git foo

You can use $GIT_WORK_TREE in the script.  Just posting this in case
somebody is interested in the idea.


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