On 01/12/2016 12:20, ads wrote:
If I do mkdir /dev/shm/foo, then touch /dev/shm/foo/bar, the file bar gets written correctly.

And what if you do "gvim /dev/shm/foo/bar" ?

Is it possible that there is an apparmor policy for gvim, which is preventing it opening files under /dev ?
Somebody else suggested setting nobackup in vim, and I have tried that (and nowritebackup too). No difference. I have also removed my .vimrc file and .vim directory, and no difference.

I'm very puzzled.

It might be useful to do an strace to see the actual system call it tried to do and the error it got back:

strace -f pass edit <whatever> 2>strace.out

This will generate a ton of splurge in file strace.out, but if you search through it for EPERM somewhere near the end, or just before it prints the error message, it may give a clue.



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