This patch makes pass load extensions from the $PATH by the name
pass-EXTENSION so distributions can put the files wherever they
want. This would make it easier for certain distros to package
extensions (example NixOS that has it's own directory structure).

I've also put the same patch here:

Not sure about the security model when it comes to system/non-system ones,
that almost for sure must be checked by the owner of the file to make it
flexible enough with the different paths that might be used. For example
NixOS uses /run/current-system/sw/bin as main bin dir for system binaries
and /home/etu/.nix-profile/bin for binaries for a specific user. But both
are populated by the package-manager and owned by the root user.

NixOS doesn't have a /usr/lib/password-store/extensions and I don't think
there's an easy way to manage to create one. But this patch would make it
way more flexible to add extensions in a git-like way.

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