On 08/08/17 11:26, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

Den 07. aug. 2017 21:25, skreiv Andrew Banchich:
Yep, auto-completion in my .zshrc file is enabled and those lines are
there. It auto-completes names in my current directory, but not anything
past that. Pass does the same thing. If I enter `pass amaz[TAB]` it
doesn't pull up anything because "amazon" is in the "commerce" category
in Pass. If I type `comm[Tab]` it does auto-complete to "commerce/" then
I can type `ama[TAB]` and it will auto-complete as well. However, it's
just a pain to navigate the directories each time, and I was wondering
if there was a way so I can just type `ama[TAB]` for it to jump to
complete to that immediately.
don't use sub-directories if you don't like them ;-)
This is what I do. I just put entries by domain name and couldn't be happier. I do use directories for a couple of things but they are under the domain name so still easy to get to.
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