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OK, so I've been thinking about this and having some chats around the

One of the things that keeps coming up in discussions about series
support is "What do we call a series?". Currently we look at the cover
letter, if present, and then there's been quite a bit of debate about
what to do if a cover letter is not present.

Personally, I've been thinking about how I remember people talking about
series. I remember saying things like "Bob's hotplug series", "Jane's
Radix MMU series", "Daniel's sparse patch series" or "Ben's PCI

I'd quite like patchwork to be able to represent patch series in a way
that matches as naturally as possible with how the humans who use
Patchwork perceive them.

As such, I'd like it if we could name series. And I'd like at least
maintainers, or perhaps series authors, etc. to be able to give series
names in patchwork. I don't really mind whether this attaches to a
Series or to a SeriesRevision.

I realise this makes the models a bit more heavy-weight.


I like this idea quite a lot.

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