Andrew, Jeremy,

On Tue, 6 Feb 2018 19:41:09 +1100, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> On 06/02/18 08:45, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> > Is there anything that can be done about this ? An example of
> > Message-Id that was not recorded is:
> > 
> >   Message-Id: 
> > <>
> >   
> I've scraped the buildroot archives to see if there's anything obviously 
> wrong with that particular message ID - it appears to parse fine.
> jk, any idea whether there's something particular about the 
> instance that could be causing it to drop these patches?

Any further comments ?

Today, patchwork missed the following e-mail:

Patches 1/3 and 2/3 in this series have been recorded, but not Patch

This is really getting annoying for the Buildroot project, and we may
potentially "miss" contributions because of this: we entirely rely on
patchwork as our TODO-list, so if a patch is missing in patchwork, we
will forget about it. When only a few patches within a series are
missing, we obviously notice. But for single patches, when they are not
recorded, we simply miss them entirely.

Can we do something about this ? We're really happy otherwise by the
patchwork instance at, and we would hate having to run our
own instance :-/

Thanks a lot!

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons)
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering
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