On 14/02/17 20:37, Gordon Sim wrote:
I have copied the files for the wizard example at

The only change I made was to add links in the header of index.html to
get the css stylesheets and changed the app name to match the module in
the script.js so the controller gets created correctly.

Though the example works, the layout is wrong. The buttons on the bottom
for next, back etc are not aligned horizontally but are stacked on top
of each other. Also the sub-steps panel to the left is not positioned
correctly, but extends up to the top of the wizard window, overlaying
the left of the progress panel along the top.

If I run the demo from the page above itself it all works fine. I'm
guessing either I'm missing some step or there is some small error in
one (or more) of the example files.

Can anyone help?

Turns out I had missed one stylesheet (angular-patternfly.min.css). With that included the layout is as expected.

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