I very much dislike coiled cords. I have a set of earphones with one and would cheerfully toss the phones if I could find something with a straight cord good enough to replace them.

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I have been buying and using the MDR-7506 headphones for years; they are a fine choice. The ear cups on the older models did not hold up well but that's not true of the newer versions. One good thing about the sony MDR-7506 headphones is that they have a heavy-duty cord (it's one of those spiral cords); the drawback is that the cord is somewhat heavy and makes the headphones feel a bit heavier. Also, they can get uncomfortable after 5-6 hours of continuous use. But I agree with the model; they are a really good headphone choice for a very reasonable price. Trust me; I've tried a lot of headphones.

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Yep I know how some people feel, some of the stuff talked about here is
way beyond a budget and I have to admit to stretching the finances
sometimes for something my ears just love.
Well perhaps the review linked to here may be your anser to the problem
of getting some very good "Bang for Your Buck" when it comes to headphones.
No, not absolute top performers but good enough to keep you engaged with
your music.

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