I don't really have a choice but to try something like that at present.
Just thought someone else had some experience with it.  The home theatre
effect part of it is of no relevance to me at all.


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Hmmmm if you're talking about the things that are for home theater that
supposedly when you're watching say Jurasic park or a Godzilla movie is
supposed to vibrate your chare? I don't know. They should be pretty good
though as they are for theater use. They are meant for movies. Just be care
full cause they apparently according to Scott Wilkinson can make ya feel
funny. He calls them but shakers. He doesn't like them. But that's Scott. I
personally haven't tried them so I don't know. I'd probably try it if the
chance presents it self to before buying 1 just to see. Also if what Scott
had happen to him to also see if it doesn't make you feel weerd like it did
to him. But that's the idea. How effective it is I don't know. But actually
it might be kinda curious to try 1.

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Hi all


Has anyone ever tried one of these devices and would it amplify bass
frequencies of music say from below hundred herz so that you will be able to
feel it?  I do not have these frequencies anymore and am wondering if you
will be able to actually distinguish musical notes through them or are they
not accurate enough?


Hope this makes sense!!



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