Is this a battery-operated radio or plug-in?
It sounds really good. 

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Subject: Radio: Sangean PRD4W is truly a bargain

Thought you had to pay a premium price for a good performing radio 
right? Wrong! the Sangean PRD4W is the biggest performance bang in AM/FM 
Weather Disaster radios I've encountered for under $100, this set sells 
for $70 in the U.S.

So what can one expect from the PRD4W? Spectacular AM and FM 
performance, with weather band.

The AM performance comes extremely close to the legendary CC 2E radio, 
there's very little difference between them when it comes to selectivity 
and sensitivity on the AM and FM bands.

Its at this point that the Sangean PRDw truly begins to shine with its 
range of 6 settings of band filter for the AM band, set the filter to 
the widest and enjoy near FM quality sound on your local AM stations or 
lower the filter settings to home in on those weaker stations you love.

The PRD4W has a "Signal tracking" feature, tune the radio to a station 
and listen as the radio adjusts itself for the best signal reception 
possible of that station.

The radio has two FM and two AM bands, you could for example set the 
presets - 5 - on one AM band for distant stations whilst setting the 
presets on the other AM band - again 5 - for local stations.

The radio doesn't have a tone control however you can effectively use 
the band width filter on AM to accomplish the same thing.

Build is rugged out of hard ABS plastic.

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