Hi, Andy. First, you don't meed a mic, as the cameras have built-in ones, quite nice, in fact. The Hero5 series actually record in stereo.

GoPro makes attachments for wrists, arms and legs. Additionally, there's a chest harness that you can wear. Minor problem is that the GoPro's mics are so sentitive that you'll hear a lot of thumping when walking - that's the sound of your feet as you plod along.

So, long story short: If you're going to get a GoPro, get the Hero5 Session. Hope this all helps.--Matt & Quill.

On 12/1/2016 6:15 AM, Andy wrote:
Hi Mat.

Thanks for the advice regarding the Gopro cameras.

I've been searching my local suppliers over here in Scotland since your message and it's looking a bit complicated.

I accept that you were saying about the Gopro hero 5. I can find 2 models the one you suggest and a larger model, more expensive called the Gopro Hero 5 black.

So I'd probably go with your suggestion, but which of the Hero 5 range?

Another complication is about fitments and attachments. I'd probably need sighted assistence to look at these pages for I don't really understand what they are, apart from a gun grip or extension pole. I'd like something to attach it to my upper chest and perhaps a similar attachment for my dog, for a dog's eye view of training.

The final difficulty is that I notice that the 5 has an external mini-usb for connecting a 3D binaural microphone set up. I'd much rather this was a quarter inch socket.

So it looks like I have quite a lot of work to do before I actually make my purchase. But it will be the Hero 5 right enough.

Thanks again for your help.

Very best wishes.


From Scotland with Love.

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Hi, Andy. I had a GoPro Hero4 Silver, and yes, a blind person can use it. However, you should have a sighted person put it into video mode before you leave for training. You use the top button to start the video, and to stop it. When you stop the video, you get three beeps to know that that's what happened.

The above said, however, a GoPro Hero5 would be better, as it has voice control. For example, you can say "GoPro start video" and "GoPro stop recording". Suggest you buy the Hero5 Session for $299. Hope this helps.--Matt & Quill.

On 11/29/2016 6:43 PM, Andy wrote:
Hi all.

Thinking of doing some video recording to send to family and friends, in particular, my up-coming guide dog training.

I'm thinking of buying a Go Pro 4 Silver 32GB and a set of Binaural external micropones to capture these podcasts.

This camera has a single button to turn the device on and start recording.

That's all I know about it apart from the fact that the screen is a touch screen and does not have anything like voice over.

So, given the high cost of this camera microphone set up, I'm a little concerned that as a totally blind person, I'd be unable to use this camera.

Has anyone on this list any experience of using a Go Pro camera who could give me a little advice please.

Very best wishes.


From Scotland with Love.

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