My Tap finally got this update yesterday here in the US.


Rick Alfaro

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This arrived here, I had another look at the Tap settings and found the option 
to enable the Hands Free mode right under the Battery status on the HTML web 

Just to summarise again for those who don't know.

The Echo Tap is different from the Main Echo and the Echo Dot in that - by 
default - the Tap doesn't listen for the wake word "Alex" followed by a 
command, the user must press a button and then speak the commands.

With the Hands Free update the monitoring for the wake word "Alexa" can be 
enabled thus the Tap functions as does the Dot etc though be warned that this 
function will drain the battery significantly.

My suggestion is that you disable Hands Free if you intend to use the Tap a lot 
on battery and enable it if you're using the Tap through its mains adapter or a 
power bank.

Also note that Tap can be put to sleep with a simple short press of the power 

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