Dean:  The standard version of Total Recorder also lets you schedule recordings 
as well!  I have that version; unless they've changed it in later versions of 
TR, you can schedule recordings!  When I bought this version, I think I paid 
something like eighteen dollars for it.  The "pro" version is more; don't 
remember how much it costs and don't know what the advantages are with the Pro 
Tom Kaufman

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There are many options to record audio streams.  The only free one I know is 
Tapin Radio. You can search for it and install it.  Of course, they have a paid 
version $20 US) which lets you schedule recordings and gives you access to a 
wider database of stations.  

Perhaps the free version of total Recorder ( allows for 
recording in real time.  Total Recorder Pro lets you schedule recordings. 

The most powerful one I know is Replay Radio from applian technoloties.  It 
carries an annual subscription cost, but lets you schedule recordings, and also 
has a way to detect the Url of sites whose Url isn't apparent, so that you can 
record it.  They have a media guide to which they will add sites on request.

I'm sure other members can tell you about other options.

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Hi. I'm looking for software that's compatible with Windows 7 and Jaws 14.0. I 
already have GoldWave but am wondering whether or not there is something more 
specific for the job, such as software that records from a given URL without 
having it playing through the computer via a media player.  Any advice will be 
much appreciated.

Take care, Danny

Danny Miles
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