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Hello everyone,

It's possible that someone on the list may have already asked this question
some time ago, but I have no way to confirm that. Anyway, I'd like to
install Virtual Audio Cable on my computer to check it out and see what its
like. However, while researching about the software, I'm a little concerned
about the complexity of the process. People online have been saying that
uninstalling VAC is not quite as straight forward as uninstalling other
programs is. I've heard, that Virtual Audio Cable is one of those programs
that likes to spread its particles all around the windows operating system,
which means having to messa round with the system registry and/or installing
some third-party software just to get rid of it. Have any of you ever tried
using this program? Is it really as difficult to uninstall as some people
say it is? I just thought I'd find out now, before installing some piece of
software to which I won't be able to uninstall very easily. Thanks in
advance for any help.


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