We've discussed Bluetooth and aptX often here so I point interested party's to an article I've just read on the subject which I came across whilst researching something entirely different.

The author does a great job at explaining the Bluetooth aptX system and how it works though he omits a crucial detail. Perhaps the author deliberately didn't talk about Lossless formats being transmitted from 1 aptX Bluetooth device to another to keep the article simple? More than likely so - to put it bluntly - if you are able to use files which are in a Lossless audio format then you're going to benefit greatly when using Bluetooth aptX or not and I'm sure you'll work this out for yourself once you've read the article.

If you can avoid Bluetooth altogether when streaming - and use Wi-Fi - then this certainly is the best and most reliable way to get high quality audio from point A to point B and Wi-Fi certainly goes the distance.

Anyway read on and form your own opinion.



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