The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a real little power house without a doubt and that's just my observation after less than 12 hours exploring the device. Obviously I can't go into everything I've found here given that this list discusses audio other than to say that Samsung have an obvious commitment and everything works as I thought it should.
I've ntoiced a few changes and surprises but nothing bad at all.
If anyone wishes to follow my journey with the S8 and follow me @grtdane on Twitter.

On 9/05/2017 11:38 PM, John Gurd wrote:
I saw some good reviews of this phone. If anything could make me jump ship from 
the iPhone maybe this could. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.


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These are very first impressions I wish to share with you.

As you'd expect Samsung keep top marks for the sound of the internal speaker 
but the real surprise in audio comes with the supplied high quality AKH 
in-the-ear headset, no doubt the best headset I've ever heard that's come 
supplied with a phone, nice deep base, good crips top and very reasonable 

Not quite as good as some of the higher end cans I have but more than 
reasonable given what they are.

The cable is made from a strong Nylon material so won't break in a hurry.

Voice Assist - the default Samsung Screen Reader for their Galaxy phones
- has had quite an update with more features obvious.

Still setting up the device so will give more details on the audio side of 
things as I explore.


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